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The Edgeworld Chronicles

Edgeworld Chronicles - forest path overlaying a space background with DNA strand

Edgeworlder. Rim-Runner. Native. Animal.

Those who live on the edge of Alliance control have heard it all. Some live up to their heritage. Others become the monsters the Alliance believe them to be. They are the rebels and smugglers, the pirates and slavers, the peasants and the kings. They are the defiant push against a species multiplying at an unsustainable rate.

Travel from the vast deserts of Den’Lastria to the tropical jungles of Seshinaar. Meet the Witches of Kandaria and the mysterious creatures known as the Velen’daar. Discover their secrets and destinies and fall in love with them as they make their way along the edge.

The Wolves of Sorrow

Futuristic city with map background

Descendents of the first experiments of a fledgling Genetics Modification program, the wolves have faced bands of raiders, attacks from the Mourning Sun nest of adders, and the toxic haze that sweeps across Earth Prime. Now they face a new life on Barif, a lush tropical planet in the Maiveth System.

Each wolf must face their own challenges, fight their own battles to find their places among the Rifaniir people, and claim a mate of their very own.

The Wolves of Sorrow is timeline-adjacent to and set in the fictional world of The Edgeworld Chronicles. Each book should stand alone but with an overarching storyline which references events from previous books in the series.

Other Fiction

Sunset over London

These are the novels which aren’t linked to an active world. They are the beginnings of series that never were but are complete stories in their own right.