Magic Tapestries

In World War II, Allied bombing of Naples, Italy, causes the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius. This wakens the Great Dragon Vesuvaraeon and returns magic to the world. Over the decades, more dragons wake from their slumber to reclaim their territory and protect their people. The last occurred on May 18, 1980, when an eruption on Mt. St. Helens signalled the awakening of Matron Ēlēlouwala, Great Dragon of North America.

Over forty years have passed since that awakening, and not all are happy with the changes. Trouble stirs in the Deep South as prejudices rise and human-only groups turn militant, but the magic touched aren’t without a champion. The Agency for the Supervision and Regulation of Magic protects the magical community and polices it when the need arises.

Don’t reveal your magic. Don’t betray your power.

These are the guiding principles of Michaela’s life, for she is a weaver. One who sees the very fabric of magic and can manipulate the threads at will. It’s a powerful skill, and a dangerous one. Rejecting the paths such magic opens for her, Michaela chooses a simple life running her shop and avoiding magical attention until the disappearance of a crate of sleep grenades brings a high-ranking agent into her shop and her life.

Agent Connal Pierce is a powerful dragonkin descended from Great Dragon Ēlēlouwala. It shows in the scales on his skin, the spectral wings on his back, and the magic coursing through his veins. He arrives in Montgomery with a single goal: discover what happened to the grenades and the agent assigned to retrieve them. What he finds, instead, is a woman whose terror of him is surpassed only by her blazing power. Michaela Richardson is an enigma, and when the dragonkin encounters an interesting puzzle, nothing will stop him from learning all its secrets.

As they work to unravel the truth, Michaela discovers the man within the dragonkin and learns not all fears are based in truth. When the violence escalates, Michaela must fully embrace her abilities to prevent a war humans can’t win and try not to fall in love with a man far closer to his draconic heritage then she ever imagined.

(Blurb not finalized – Release date TBD)